Prateek Sahu A day at the university
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I love walking and sometimes I walk back home from university. It’s not far. It takes about 20-30 mins. I take frequent walks at university as well. These pictures are from such a walk. I could not get the timing correct for this one. I saw this guy with a dog and girl in an e-scooter. At one frame they were in line with sunlight passing though.

Buildings are great. Vibrant colors; red, blue, wheat, brown. Looks like a bar graph. Next ones: The white building looks like a ship in an ocean.

A pair of geese resting. I did not get close for a better shot for obvious reasons. I agree Emergency access route.

A pair of squirrels playing. One chasing the other.

A pair of geese at the top of the world.

Walking; with the trees on both sides. It would look way better with leaves on trees.

Moon and airplane with evening colors.

Shots of a Mallard. This one I tried to get close. At this point light was quite low. A bit shaky.

Last one with a sunset before returning home.